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Election Day

Where James Stands

Union Strong

Unlike Eric Swalwell, James fully supports the efforts by Amazon workers to unionize. James is a pro-Union candidate who would never accept campaign contributions from a company like Amazon for his campaign while staying silent on worker's rights.


Medicare for All

Healthcare is a Human Right. No family should be forced to choose between life-saving medicine and paying the mortgage. It's time for America to have a public option for all of it's people. 

Green New Deal

One of the most pressing fights that endangers our future is the climate crisis. Join me in the fight to pass the Green New Deal. James supports a transition away from fossil fuels towards clean energy.

Just Say "No" to Fox News

James is a pro-freedom of the press and a pro-Fairness Doctrine candidate. Unlike Eric Swalwell, James would never accept campaign contributions from Fox News. Period. James supports a free press, and believes in restoring the Fairness Doctrine.


Worker's Bill Of Rights

The Worker's Bill of Rights will guarantee 4 weeks of paid sick leave, 6 weeks of PTO, and 18 months of paid family leave for all Americans working full time. All workers will be empowered to work remote or in the office.

Student Loans

Access to higher education is a human right for individuals, and a public good for the country. James has a pragmatic plan to cancel student loan debt, and ensure all Americans cost-free access to higher education.

Campaign Contributions

James deeply values the trust and support of his donors. Money donated is used for the campaign only.  Conversely, Eric Swalwell will spend $500,000 of campaign contributions from his constituents in a non-election year on luxuries. #RespectVoters

Equality Act

America's LGBT community is endangered by state governments passing laws to take away the agency and personhood of LGBT people around the country. James supports the Equality Act.

Voting Rights

All Americans should have access to the right to vote, period. That means automatic voter registration when American's come of age, universal mail in ballots, and rank choice voting.  


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