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How will you join us in the Fight for our Future?

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Why I am running for the House of Representatives, and how I will fight for our future:

Our campaign is dedicated to calling all American's who are unhappy with a tax system that favors the rich and powerful, unhappy with a predatory student loan and healthcare system that leaves people in crippling debt, and Americans who demand accountability on the climate crisis to arms to fight for our future. I am a native son of California's 14th congressional district, the son of a middle class family, and an advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all Americans regardless of where you started in life.

By joining the fight for our future, you are joining a movement that prioritizes the human rights and civil liberties of all Americans regardless of skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or age. Together, we will fight to regain control of our own American Dream: free from the taint of corporate greed, free from the fear of the planet becoming unlivable, and free from the fear of the erosion of our democracy. By standing united, the agency of our voices cannot be denied and the fight for our future is a fight we can win.


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